NZ Diploma in Computer Science and IT. Level 7 (1 year of study) – FOR JUST 7,380 USD (10,700 NZD).

For that study, the main applicant will hold a one–year student visa with a work permit of 20 hours a week.

After graduation from the diploma program, the student receives an international diploma level 7 and the right to get a Job Search Visa, to find work in the acquired profession.

The family of the student (the second spouse and children) are eligible apply for work and student visas (to attend the school for free) for the same period of study of the main applicant. The family of the student can come together!

For admission to the diploma course is only required the English level which is proven with academic IELTS 6.0. The student have to demonstrate any national diploma of technical school or institute with the IT specialization or relevant work experience of two years.


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