The Magical World of the Shire

One of the great attractions in New Zealand you should not miss is the magical world of “the Shire”, the largest outdoor film set in the world. Even if you are not a Lord of the Rings movie fan it is an amazing adventure to visit Hobbiton with its stunning scenery and peaceful environment.

It is located only a few hours south of Auckland. The ride is quite long but you get to see a lot of the incredible countryside. Hobbiton was originally just a film set to be torn down after filming, but it got turned into a fantastic tourist attraction looking like a recreation of another world. So much attention to detail was paid that you will really appreciate the environment you’re walking through.

The tour guides are all very knowledgeable about the film set and will entertain you with interesting stories about the making of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The main highlights are the great decorated hobbit holes, each in different size, depending on how they were used during filming. Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins, is the only hobbit hole full in size you can explore “inside” as well, which only means when opening the door you can see the actual space the actor had in the film when entering and leaving the hole. It is so much fun to pose in front of Bilbo Baggins’ house that you should allow a lot of time for taking pictures. There, at Bag End, you can also enjoy the stunning views overlooking the film set. It is truly breathtaking.

But that’s not everything. From Bag End you work your way down the party tree and the Green Dragon Inn, which is an actual pub with ale and food. They offer a selection of beers brewed specifically for Hobbiton. I’m sure you will never want to leave this place and will have a fantastic time.

Tina, Germany