If you need in a short time to prepare for this exam, but to attend courses is not yet possible, we strongly recommend to visit these online courses to prepare and start the Tutor (make a plan for daily self-study and don’t be lazy to do the same lesson twice or three times).

So, the first link is here:

The lessons are really simple. Give an idea of ​​the exam, train listening, writing, catch good advices about reading and speaking.

The next resource:

On the next site. There are lots of useful information.

Speaking – to train speaking of course you need a companion for your conversation.

Find a friend or a teacher in skype – talk for at least 20 minutes a day.

If this seems difficult, use this advice:

Find and download deferent audio topics in smartphone or ipod (I love these guys, go for walking to the park, where there are not many people and start to repeat loudly after the speaker to hear your sentences. For a couple of three weeks of this practice – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the rapid progress.

There are many sites to prepare for this exam. Do not try to use all of them. Select 2-3 of the resource and follow them. If you jump from one site to another, you will be like a sail which has been picked up by the wind one, then another … and eventually you will not float, and reach the place.