Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration Level 8

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration comprises 20 modules of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and is ideally suited to busy managers seeking to increase their career skills in a shorter time frame. The option to complete an MBA degree with six months further study makes the an attractive option.

Graduates will have a broad knowledge of the range of business subjects in the basic core, with some in-depth knowledge and skills at a higher level. The knowledge and skills thus gained should equip a graduate well for further studies and to advance in an employment pathway involving management roles.

Further Prospective

The programs of international diplomas level 8 allow students just for one –year study duration to get international diploma of level 8, which is accepted in any country of the world.

The graduation from Diploma program level 8 allows students to apply for 12 months Job Search visa for employment.

Visas for family

A holder of a student visa for study at Diploma program level 8 can bring his family members to New Zealand. Student’s family allowed to get a work visa (partner) for employment for any job position and a domestic student visa (for children) which enables them to attend school free-of-charge.

Duration of study – 12 months. Cost per course – 20 000 NZD (13 400 USD).


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