Student feedback

Nargiza Nosirova

My name is Nargiza I’m from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
I want to thank the company’s New Zealand for assisting c arrival me and my family to New Zealand!
I’m a student of the Diploma in Business Management Level 7.
I am glad that I came to this wonderful country, I had a short-term experience of living in the UK, where there are no prospects, because their laws and I can say that New Zealand is better and easier to obtain a visa and then a residence permit .
Agents in Uzbekistan, they do double prices and request money for each paper. People must pay a lot of money, taking into account the financial level of our country. According the agents thoughts, if you want to live abroad and you have the money for it so you have to share with them.
It’s quite a different story from NZ Trips. I went to their website, phoned, we quickly began to collect documents. They explained in detail what possible way for me, what documents are needed, going to communicate at any time, in spite of the time difference with Uzbekistan at 7 o’clock. And most importantly, all assistance was free, I paid only the tuition fee to the Institute account after the approval of my student visa.
I got a visa for 14 months with work permition of 20 hours per week. Yesterday I met my family, husband and children and it is also a huge thanks for that to New Zealand Trips!
Kind regards, Nargiza. Auckland, New Zealand.

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Jamshid Muxamedjanov

Hi, my name is Jamshid!
A place for education and a country for living – is very important choice for any person. I chose studying at the professional program in Business Management in the most beautiful country of the world – New Zealand!
The British education system helps to overtake all aspects of business and management methods, which is very important in the life and future work.
Teachers at our institute is very professional and highly responsive people at the classes and after study. The process of learning is very different from our usual standards. Student life is very interesting. We have a cosmopolitan team of open and friendly students from all over the world!
New Zealand Trips helped me to make me the right choice of very affordable way to come here. Timely provision of information about the best and most valued institutes in Auckland, gave me the opportunity not to lose a lot of money on overpay to another agency which tried to help me at first.
I want to express special gratitude to the staff of the New Zealand Trips, for huge help with all registration documents for me and my big family.
New Zealand – a reserve of our planet! Warm climate, the sea, friendly people, the highest quality of life and education.
I would recommend to choose New Zealand for study and life!

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Sergey Borkov

My name is Sergey, I from Russia, Kostroma city.
To go abroad to study has been my long-standing dream. Within six months I was looking for options for studying in Europe, but it was hard to go there because of strict immigration rules. US, UK and Australia were too expensive, I became interested in New Zealand.
I started looking for agencies and honestly, at first was disappointed. New Zealand Trips helped me to find the right study program with a very affordable price – Diploma in Business Level 7 which allows you to stay in the country and get a job here. NZ Trips helped me with all the registration documents ABSOLUTELY FREE! Instead an expensive IELTS, required for enrollment, I passed the enrollment English test online, from my hometown, which confirmed my knowledge of the English language at the level of 6.0, which is required to obtain a student visa. I received timely quality advice on any questions related to New Zealand.
For two months I lived in New Zealand and enjoy this beautiful country. Local universities are qualitatively different from Russia, there is no boring lectures and seminars, and the teachers are very sociable and always ready to help his students.
I would recommend to visit this wonderful country and use the services of New Zealand Trips!

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Dmitry Teterevkov

Hi there!
My name is Dmitry, I’m from Russia, from Khabarovsk, I’m 19 years old.
I arrived in New Zealand on a 6-week course to learn English with the assistance of New Zealand Trips. Teachers at the school are very professional in their field: they are always ready to explain material, to answer all questions and to improve the working atmosphere in the classroom, as a priority in the school are the students. During these 6 weeks I seriously improve all English skills: listening, reading, grammar and speaking. Also, the school is very responsive staff that will help you solve all problems.
As for the country, it is gorgeous! New Zealand – a country of emerald fields, the high mountains, where in every corner you can find an incredible attraction, which is nowhere else to meet. In New Zealand, a very good and positive people, always ready to help foreign tourists. They are vary friendly and always smiling. If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country will never deny yourself this. You will get unforgettable emotions!

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Malika Dzhumaniyazova

My name is Malika and I am from Uzbekistan, Tashkent.
I would like to share with you my impressions of the beautiful country of New Zealand and about my study.
I’m sure that many of us dream to visit New Zealand, especially after watching movies about Hobbits. =)
This is a wonderful country of contrasts incredibly helps immediately feel at home. The surrounding people are incredibly friendly, it throws in a little shock, a fantastic nature and attracts its green forests. During the six months of training in a small New Zealand experience left me with the sea, for life, and only the best!
After reviewing of websites and offers numerous educational agencies, I had the impression that I could never come to the country, which I always wanted to go. High prices for studies, consultations and paperwork further and further pushed me out from the trip. Suddenly, I found a very good offer of the New Zealand Company – New Zealand Trips! I picked up an excellent school of English at the institute, located in the heart of Auckland on Queen street. Classes were very interesting and fun, which, in my opinion, helps more rapid development of the courses. All teachers of a professional approach to their work, but do not forget that we – the students – the same people, and talked with us on an equal level, which is also occasionally surprised (after all such communication between the student and the teacher is not always common).
During training, I met lots of people from different points of our our planet, learned a lot about other cultures and, of course, perfectly pulled their knowledge of English.
Very grateful to the New Zealand Trips for their assistance on all matters in the organization of my visit, which focused and study, and just everyday issues. Also, thank you for the wonderful weekend trips outside the city, which left not only a pleasant experience but also the thousands of beautiful photos. In my plans – definitely return to this wonderful country, preserve our planet – New Zealand, because according the immigration rules with just one year, you can get an international professional diploma and work permit for job search, it is several times cheaper than popular for study countries Europe, UK, Canada or Australia. During my study revealed many very beneficial ways! Cost studies can be below 6000 USD per year by the New Zealand domestic prices but the numerous student agency sell with a double price!
So, if you are still in doubt to go or not, feel free Make up your mind to it! It’s worth it to get out of your comfort zone and get an incredible experience and great knowledge. Good luck!

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Farangis Khodzhaeva

Hello! My name Farangis, I am from Uzbekistan.
New Zealand – beautiful country of contrasts: winter and summer, big cities and wonderful nature. Education in New Zealand – a wonderful opportunity to acquire new skills and improve old.
I came to study English for 6 months. I really like our Institute with a very high quality teaching, friendly staff and positive atmosphere. During the four months of study I have raised my level of knowledge to Advanced and just significantly increased my vocabulary. With careful preparation, you can very quickly reach the level of English sufficient for communication, and to find work. During my studies I got to the immigration official permit to work part-time and successfully found a job.
Some people call New Zealand a boring country, but I would call it quiet, because there are great opportunities to spend time not boring. In Auckland in almost every area has parks and sports centers in the city center a lot of night clubs, cinemas and all kinds of institutions, basic travel by ferry to the other side of Auckland was an exciting adventure.
People in New Zealand is very friendly and welcoming, the almost complete lack of aggression, therefore, is extremely easy to integrate into society. From my point of view, the journey here, for study or just tourism, brings harmony and peace to the soul, really makes you positive and open and gives the opportunity to acquire useful knowledge.
I want to express gratitude to New Zealand Trips for free assistance in the preparation of documents for my studies. Maximal professional assistance throughout.

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Oksana Malova

Hello! My name is Oksana, my family and I come from Rostov on Don. We were shocked of very high quality of life in New Zealand! Everything is for comfortable life – the government takes care of the citizens! Everywhere is very clean, playgrounds for children, free clean toilets everywhere, some even playing music). We live in the heart of Auckland, but in a green area. Parks and greens are just everywhere! And for night love – at downtown of the city there are bars, clubs, and restaurants. And what the beautiful beaches here!!! Cold winter’s time here is often like a warm summer). Auckland incredible city!!!
I want to thank New Zealand Trips for help with finding a school for my English. I have received a very good offer (around NZ $ 160 per week) in a very good school located at main street of Auckland Queen Street.
Teachers at the school are friendly, energetic, cheerful, opened for questions and assistance. When I studied English, every 2-3 weeks, our institute have organized outdoors entertainment. For example, for the 3 months of training we went on a yacht, went to play mini golf, went to the club staged performances and dinners with dishes from cousins of over the world, went to the museum, and etc.! And of course it was the best practice of English. We are very pleased that we come here!

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Laziz Ayubov

My name is Laziz and I’m from Uzbekistan, Samarkand. With pleasure I want to share my impressions about my study experience. I’m on a course General English, Intermediate level.
At the airport I was picked up by nice company New Zealand Trips and they gave me lift to the hostel, which was previously reserved for me.
On the first day of study I had English test to check my English level and was identified the appropriate class for me. The teacher of my class come from Wales, he speaks perfect English and explained all clearly.
The Institute is located in the heart of Auckland. I like walking around and enjoying the sights of this beautiful city. It is very kind and helpful staff. Each student has their own approach, according of the level of your knowledge and age. Very qualified teachers. During the lesson, we learnt grammar, new vocabulary, even on the same topic held games. In this form of study it is very easy to remember all new information.
In a short period of time I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills. Especially helps communication in the team. Being here, I met many people from different countries of the world. Talking with them in English, I do not just practice language skills and learn about life and the experience of different countries. Thank you so much, I would say to New Zealand Trips, who helped me completely free of all issues on registration documents for my studies.

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Naila Khasanova

Hello from the most fantastic country in the world! My name Naila, I came from Moscow. I am 37 years old.
With advice and support of the New Zealand Trips, have been studying diploma course of Business level 7, and then will have a Job Search Visa for looking for a permanent job. I have been in Auckland for just six months. Students from around the world – from India, China, Indonesia, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Greece, Czech Republic, Ukraine and the very different age from 20 to 60 years old !!!
It’s incredible – every person here is very friendly and respectful of all nationalities, everyone wants to know about other countries more. There are the annual cultural festivals in Auckland, where everyone can present their country to the national kitchen, house items, and a cultural traditions. No one stays home here on weekend, a lot of different activities for the students, many of them are free or at minimal cost, with the reception at our institution is always a preview for the next week, where and what is happening.
Very grateful to the New Zealand Trips for grant assistance on all matters for my enrollment for study. I wish everyone good luck and courage to take the first step towards better changes in your life!!! Welcome to New Zealand!!!

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Larisa Taucci

Hi everyone my name is Larisa Taucci 38 years old and I am from small town of Moldova. Year ago some changes in my life make me to decide for a new start somewhere that I can feel economically stable and secure. After few months of my research I found out that one of the best stable countries of the world is a New Zealand. It took me a month to move to Auckland and here I am…
Everything was complicated at the beginning no friends, problems to find a job, limited visa, till I met New Zealand Trips and follow their advice. First they suggest me to start 3 months English class to improve my English. And after to follow the 40 weeks Level 7 Business Class, to get a Student Visa and Work Permission. It was in reasonable price in fantastic environment in the heart of the city at Main Street of Auckland next to the Gucci, Prada & Louis Vuitton. Why not! I start my course almost in 10 days.
Very professional team of the institute helped me to submit for my student visa. After my one month of study I felt like at home met a lot of friends from different countries and very easy find a job. Finally I feel stable and secure. Now my plans to get residency next year and make my own family in New Zealand. For more information or any questions I will be happy to help you guys.
Find me or at Facebook, Odnoklassniki. Everyone are welcome.

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Evgeniya Lytvyn

Hello! My name is Evgeniya, I came from Kiev, Ukraine. I dreamed to visit New Zealand since childhood. After defending his dissertation in sociology, I finally decided to move to this country – full of capabilities. New Zealand the best country in all: the climate, the nature, the economy, the lowest level of corruption, the first on the ease of doing business, and certainly one of the few developed countries which are relatively easy to get residency and citizenship. I chose the professional course of diploma in business, as it allows you to automatically renew a work visa and find a job in their field. Offers of New Zealand trips are most favorable for foreign students, all from high quality education level institutes.
I want to share impressions of my study on the course of business level 7. In the first approach to training is different from our usual lecture-seminar. Here, you will not have tests, exams, no stress. But you have to be creative: create presentations, video, write a creative essay. Your specialty is – a business consultant. Besides studying, you can still earn money. I studied in the Institute of 3 months, during which time I got a job as an assistant teacher in the institute, also working on the biggest stadium in New Zealand Eden Park, hosting games of rugby, World Cup Cricket, FIFA. I advise everyone to study in New Zealand.

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Yurii Kim

Hello! My name is Yuri, I’m from the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
It has long dreamed of visiting this wonderful country and here, the opportunity to come it true.
From several language schools with help of New Zealand Trips, we have chosen very affordable English school. At the first day of my study I realized that the choice was the right one. An excellent teacher of Upper Intermediate Level Claudine, her classes are very interesting and in the same breath. The school constantly organizes tourist trips – so that the output does not have to be bored.
I would also like to thank New Zealand Trips, for help with everything from information on educational institutions, all registration points and finishing with basic issues. Always found time for me to do something to help and advise.

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Denis Sobakar

Hello from sunny country! Long time I’ve been planning to learn English in English speaking country because it is the best way for improvement. Practice in communicating with the local people, is very important.
I really like the approach of the institute to each student. The teacher in the class does not speak Russian. There are very friendly staff and students from different countries and cultures.
I do not how much I do not regret that chose New Zealand Trips. New Zealand is a wonderful country with a great nature. In free time from school, you can see all the beauty and attractions of the city.
Many thanks to New Zealand Trips for help and gratuitous registration documents for coming study here.

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