Feedback of Nargiza Nosirova

My name is Nargiza I’m from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
I want to thank the company’s New Zealand for assisting c arrival me and my family to New Zealand!
I’m a student of the Diploma in Business Management Level 7.
I am glad that I came to this wonderful country, I had a short-term experience of living in the UK, where there are no prospects, because their laws and I can say that New Zealand is better and easier to obtain a visa and then a residence permit .
Agents in Uzbekistan, they do double prices and request money for each paper. People must pay a lot of money, taking into account the financial level of our country. According the agents thoughts, if you want to live abroad and you have the money for it so you have to share with them.
It’s quite a different story from NZ Trips. I went to their website, phoned, we quickly began to collect documents. They explained in detail what possible way for me, what documents are needed, going to communicate at any time, in spite of the time difference with Uzbekistan at 7 o’clock. And most importantly, all assistance was free, I paid only the tuition fee to the Institute account after the approval of my student visa.
I got a visa for 14 months with work permition of 20 hours per week. Yesterday I met my family, husband and children and it is also a huge thanks for that to New Zealand Trips!
Kind regards, Nargiza. Auckland, New Zealand.