Feedback of Naila Khasanova

Hello from the most fantastic country in the world! My name Naila, I came from Moscow. I am 37 years old.
With advice and support of the New Zealand Trips, have been studying diploma course of Business level 7, and then will have a Job Search Visa for looking for a permanent job. I have been in Auckland for just six months. Students from around the world – from India, China, Indonesia, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Greece, Czech Republic, Ukraine and the very different age from 20 to 60 years old !!!
It’s incredible – every person here is very friendly and respectful of all nationalities, everyone wants to know about other countries more. There are the annual cultural festivals in Auckland, where everyone can present their country to the national kitchen, house items, and a cultural traditions. No one stays home here on weekend, a lot of different activities for the students, many of them are free or at minimal cost, with the reception at our institution is always a preview for the next week, where and what is happening.
Very grateful to the New Zealand Trips for grant assistance on all matters for my enrollment for study. I wish everyone good luck and courage to take the first step towards better changes in your life!!! Welcome to New Zealand!!!


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