Feedback of Larisa Taucci

Hi everyone my name is Larisa Taucci 38 years old and I am from small town of Moldova. Year ago some changes in my life make me to decide for a new start somewhere that I can feel economically stable and secure. After few months of my research I found out that one of the best stable countries of the world is a New Zealand. It took me a month to move to Auckland and here I am…
Everything was complicated at the beginning no friends, problems to find a job, limited visa, till I met New Zealand Trips and follow their advice. First they suggest me to start 3 months English class to improve my English. And after to follow the 40 weeks Level 7 Business Class, to get a Student Visa and Work Permission. It was in reasonable price in fantastic environment in the heart of the city at Main Street of Auckland next to the Gucci, Prada & Louis Vuitton. Why not! I start my course almost in 10 days.
Very professional team of the institute helped me to submit for my student visa. After my one month of study I felt like at home met a lot of friends from different countries and very easy find a job. Finally I feel stable and secure. Now my plans to get residency next year and make my own family in New Zealand. For more information or any questions I will be happy to help you guys.


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