Feedback of Jamshid Muxamedjanov

Hi, my name is Jamshid! I come from Uzbekistan, Tashkent city.
A place for education and a country for living – is very important choice for any person. I chose studying at the professional program in Business Management in the most beautiful country of the world – New Zealand!
The British education system helps to overtake all aspects of business and management methods, which is very important in the life and future work.
Teachers at our institute is very professional and highly responsive people at the classes and after study. The process of learning is very different from our usual standards. Student life is very interesting. We have a cosmopolitan team of open and friendly students from all over the world!
New Zealand Trips helped me to make me the right choice of very affordable way to come here. Timely provision of information about the best and most valued institutes in Auckland, gave me the opportunity not to lose a lot of money on overpay to another agency which tried to help me at first.
I want to express special gratitude to the staff of the New Zealand Trips, for huge help with all registration documents for me and my big family.
New Zealand – a reserve of our planet! Warm climate, the sea, friendly people, the highest quality of life and education.
I would recommend to choose New Zealand for study and life!