Feedback of Farangis Khodzhaeva

Hello! My name Farangis, I am from Uzbekistan.
New Zealand – beautiful country of contrasts: winter and summer, big cities and wonderful nature. Education in New Zealand – a wonderful opportunity to acquire new skills and improve old.
I came to study English for 6 months. I really like our Institute with a very high quality teaching, friendly staff and positive atmosphere. During the four months of study I have raised my level of knowledge to Advanced and just significantly increased my vocabulary. With careful preparation, you can very quickly reach the level of English sufficient for communication, and to find work. During my studies I got to the immigration official permit to work part-time and successfully found a job.
Some people call New Zealand a boring country, but I would call it quiet, because there are great opportunities to spend time not boring. In Auckland in almost every area has parks and sports centers in the city center a lot of night clubs, cinemas and all kinds of institutions, basic travel by ferry to the other side of Auckland was an exciting adventure.
People in New Zealand is very friendly and welcoming, the almost complete lack of aggression, therefore, is extremely easy to integrate into society. From my point of view, the journey here, for study or just tourism, brings harmony and peace to the soul, really makes you positive and open and gives the opportunity to acquire useful knowledge.
I want to express gratitude to New Zealand Trips for free assistance in the preparation of documents for my studies. Maximal professional assistance throughout.

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