Feedback of Evgeniya Lytvyn

Hello! My name is Evgeniya, I came from Kiev, Ukraine. I dreamed to visit New Zealand since childhood. After defending his dissertation in sociology, I finally decided to move to this country – full of capabilities. New Zealand the best country in all: the climate, the nature, the economy, the lowest level of corruption, the first on the ease of doing business, and certainly one of the few developed countries which are relatively easy to get residency and citizenship. I chose the professional course of diploma in business, as it allows you to automatically renew a work visa and find a job in their field. Offers of New Zealand trips are most favorable for foreign students, all from high quality education level institutes.
I want to share impressions of my study on the course of business level 7. In the first approach to training is different from our usual lecture-seminar. Here, you will not have tests, exams, no stress. But you have to be creative: create presentations, video, write a creative essay. Your specialty is – a business consultant. Besides studying, you can still earn money. I studied in the Institute of 3 months, during which time I got a job as an assistant teacher in the institute, also working on the biggest stadium in New Zealand Eden Park, hosting games of rugby, World Cup Cricket, FIFA. I advise everyone to study in New Zealand.


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