International Diploma programs Level 6

We will be glad to offer a professional education in New Zealand!

International Diploma programs of Level 6  

Duration of study  – two academic years (20 months).

Entry criteria

Basic degree: high school or any national diploma (college, bachelor, institute).

English level.

IELTS academic overall score 5.5 but not less than 5.0 of each module.

Further opportunities.

The programs of international diplomas level 6 allow students just after high school (18 years) and just for two –year study duration to get international diploma of level 6, which is accepted in any country of the world.

The graduation from Diploma program level 6 allows students to apply for 12 months Job Search visa for employment.

Visa for study.

You should start the visa process not less than 2 months before your studies are due to start. A student visa is valid for one year and it allows you to work part-time up to 20 hours per week and on weekends. The visa allows multiply entries to NZ during its duration.

Visa applications for a student visa need to be sent by courier post to the nearest New Zealand embassy.  For citizen of Russia and CIS countries (Armenia, Azeibardgan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan) the nearest branch of the NZ embassy is Moscow’s branch.

Visas for family.

A holder of a student visa for study at Diploma program level 6 can bring his family members to New Zealand. They can get visitor visa for coming NZ.

After graduation from Diploma Level 6, and deriving a Job Search Visa by student for employment, his family, partner and children allowed to get work visa (partner) for employment for any job position and Domestic student visa (for children) for attention school for free of charge.

Founds for living expenses.

According to immigration rules, any international student, must have enough money to pay for the course and also 15,000 NZD per one study year. For any additional person evidence of 4200 NZD per year as living expenses is required.


There are a few accommodation options available to you while you study:

Hostel – students can have own single or shared room with a table and bed, wardrobe and fridge. All other facilities as the kitchen, shower and etc. are shared between all tenants. Students have to cook for themselves. Hostels are located in the city center in walking distance to the institute. Average cost of one week rent is 200 NZD.

Homestay – Live with a New Zealand family. It is the best way to improve English quickly by practicing every day. Students will have their own single room with a table and bed, wardrobe and etc. All other facilities such as the kitchen, a shower/bathroom are shared access between the family members. Students do not have to cook for themselves. Meals are included in the rate (twice a day and three times at weekends). Homestay houses are located in suburbs around the city center about 20-40 minutes distance to the institute by public transport. We provide a 40% discount for any public transport for our students (up to 14 weeks study duration). The average cost of one weeks rent is 250 NZD.

Another way of living is to become a flatmate in an apartments or house for 350-450 NZD or more and share cost for rent and other between all the people who live there.


Popular programs of international Diplomas Level 6:

NZ Diploma in Business Level 6

NZ Diploma in Information Technology Level 6

NZ Diploma in Engineering (Electrical) Level 6


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