International Diploma programs Level 5

We will be glad to offer a professional education in New Zealand!

International Diploma programs of Level 5 

Duration of study  – one academic year (10 months).

Entry criteria

Basic degree: high school or any national diploma (college, bachelor, institute).

English level.

IELTS academic overall score 5.5 but not less than 5.0 of each module.

Further opportunities.

The programs of international diplomas level 5 allow students just after high school (18 years) and just for one –year study duration to get international diploma of level 5, which is accepted in any country of the world.

After graduation from Diploma program level 5, a student can continue studding on diploma program of level 6 (one more academic year- study course), which leads to 12 months Job Search visa for employment after graduation from Level 7 diploma.

Visa for study.

You should start the visa process not less than 2 months before your studies are due to start. A student visa is valid for one year and it allows you to work part-time upto 20 hours per week and on weekends. The visa allows multiply entries to NZ during its duration.

Visa applications for a student visa need to be sent by courier post to the nearest New Zealand embassy.

For citizen of Russia and CIS countries (Armenia, Azeibardgan, Belorus, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan) the nearest branch of the NZ embassy is Moscow’s branch.

Visas for family.

A holder of a student visa for study at Diploma program level 5 can bring his family members to New Zealand. They can get visitor visa for coming NZ.


Popular programs of international Diplomas Level 5:

NZ Diploma in Computing Level 5 

NZ Diploma in Management Level 5

NZ Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 5

NZ TESOL Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages Level 5


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