Diploma in Business Level 7

This course facilitates planning and strategising for a sustainable business. It integrates environmental, ethical and social values and responsibilities with practical business skills and prepares learners from diverse backgrounds to build financially successful, socially responsible and environmental sustainable and productive businesses. The composition of papers provides learners with the option of majoring either in Sustainability or Productivity whilst facilitating acquisition of knowledge and skills to analyse and leverage the interrelations between businesses and their natural and social environment, implement productivity improvement techniques, apply Lean Six Sigma initiatives and contribute to the sustainability and productivity road map of a business, and examine a business case for sustainability and productivity challenges in the present day.

Job Opportunities

Graduates will also be able to work as: Logistics manager, Operations manager, Project manager, Recruitment manager, HR manager, Training manager, Occupational health and safety officer, Marketing manager, Marketing consultant, Advertising manager, Logistics manager, Supply chain manager, Operations manager, Production planner, Factory manager, Warehouse manager.

Further Prospective

After graduation from Diploma Level 7, and deriving a Job Search Visa by student for employment.

Student’s family allowed to get for the first year of partner’s study and second year of seeking for job- work visa (for second partner) for employment for any job position and Domestic student visa (for children) for attention school for free of charge.

Duration of study  – one academic year (10 months). Cost per course – 8 000 NZD  (5 500 USD).



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