Diploma in Business Management (Healthcare Management) Level 7

The aim of the Diploma in Business (with strands in Management and Healthcare Management) Level 7 is to provide learners with an advanced programme of study in business management relevant to current business settings both nationally and internationally. This qualification has been designed for students who have already have skills and knowledge in medicine of healthcare spheres. This qualification has been designed with strands to enable graduates to specialise in a generic management context or a healthcare management context.

Entry Criteria

Basic degree: any national diploma work experience in Medicine or Healthcare (college, bachelor, institute).

Further Prospective
After graduation from Diploma Level 7, and deriving a Job Search Visa by student for employment.Student’s family allowed to get for the first year of partner’s study and second year of seeking for job- work visa (for second partner) for employment for any job position and Domestic student visa (for children) for attention school for free of charge.Student can continue study for: Bachelors of Business/Management or related study.

Job Opportunities

Graduates of this diploma will have the knowledge and skills to move into management careers in commercial and healthcare environments dealing across cultures and national boundaries.

Visas for family

A holder of a student visa for study at Diploma program level 7 can bring his family members to New Zealand. They can get visitor visa for coming NZ.

After graduation from Diploma Level 7 (one year-study), and obtaining a “Job Search Visa” for employment, his family, partner and children are allowed to get a work visa (partner) for employment for any job position and a  domestic student visa (for children) which enables them to attend school free-of-charge.

Duration of study  – one academic year (10 months). Cost per course – 12 000 NZD (8 300 USD).


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