NZ Diploma in Business Level 6

NZ Diploma in Business Level 6. Duration of study  – two academic years (20 months). Cost per course – 12000 NZD. (8000 NZD Level 5 + 4000 NZD Level 6).


About the Course

The New Zealand Diploma in Business (NZDipBus) is one of the most popular business qualifications in New Zealand.

Endorsed nationally by employers, professional associations and educational institutions, the NZDipBus focuses on personal and professional development, equiping graduates with a broad range of practical and relevant business skills and knowledge.

On completetion of the NZDipBus Qualification, graduates will gain an internationally recognised qualification in applied management and business studies, enabling entry into further business study.


Entry Criteria

  • IELTS overall band score of at least 5.5 (Academic), no individual band less than 5.0

Note: If you have not passed IELTS test yet, New Zealand Trips is able to organize for you online enrol English test, for free,

which will replace the real IELTS and will be used by the institute for immigration purposes at the time of applying for study visa.

Core Papers

(at least 6 of the following)

  • 500 Accounting Principles
  • 510 Introduction to Commercial Law
  • 520 The Economic Environment
  • 530 Organisation and Management
  • 541 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • 550 Business Computing
  • 560 Business Communication

Elective Papers

  • 430 Statistics & Financial Mathematics for Business
  • 469 Academic Skills for Business Studies
  • 501 Accounting Practices
  • 601 Financial Accounting
  • 603 Business Finance
  • 606 Taxation
  • 630 Leadership
  • 632 Operations Management
  • 633 Human Resource Management
  • 636 Applied Management

*QAG reserves the right to offer this paper based on student enrolments.

Following this Qualification


Further Prospective

After graduation from Diploma Level 6, and deriving a Job Search Visa by student for employment, his family, partner and children allowed to get work visa (partner) for employment for any job position and Domestic student visa (for children) for attention school for free of charge.

Student can continue study for:

  • QAG Diploma in IT (Bus IT) Level 7
  • QAG Diploma in Business (Management) Level 7
  • Diploma in Business (with strands in Management and Healthcare Management) (Level 7)
  • Graduate Diploma in Business
  • Bachelor in Business
  • Waiariki Bachelors in Applied Management


Job Opportunities

A wide variety of positions including: Logistics manager, Operations manager, Project manager, Recruitment manager, HR manager, Training manager, Occupational health and safety officer, Marketing manager, Marketing consultant, Advertising manager, Logistics manager, Supply chain manager, Operations manager, Production planner, Factory manager, Warehouse manager.


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